Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Consumable Ordering Process


Owning a dental practice is hard work. You will often find yourself juggling a bunch of different admin and management tasks, following up on hundreds of emails all while simultaneously focusing your energy where it matters - treating patients.

We know that dentists and their teams are under constant time constraints, often rushing against the clock to get things done. Things will get very busy. Explore Health estimates that dentists can spend up to 36+ hours a week treating patients. That leaves very little time to check off everything else on the to-do list.

Dental teams should not have to spend their time contacting different suppliers, comparing numbers, searching for specials, and checking where they can get the best price for their consumables.

It is evident that consumable ordering can cause major frustration issues for a dental practice.

After all, dental consumables are often the second biggest expense to a practice after staff wages. So how can your dental practice get the most out of consumable ordering by saving time and money simultaneously?

The answer is to use an online ordering platform with all the necessary features.

The ability to order and compare pricing from a centralized location

Over 20 years, Dental Innovations has built relationships with 10 major industry suppliers. As a result, our suppliers have collectively listed over 50,000 products on our Online Ordering Portal. These products are regularly updated, and new products are constantly being added.

Users can easily navigate and search products by category, supplier, product code, name and even brand.

This eliminates the need for shopping around and contacting suppliers for price-lists individually. As a member of Dental Innovations, you will immediately have access to this information as soon as you enter the product code and hit search.

Once you are ready to check-out, products will be grouped with their respective companies and orders will be sent separately to suppliers. You will also receive an order number that you can keep as a record of placing the order. The portal will keep a record of all your previous orders, so that you have full transparency and the capacity to track your spending.

Spend less time ordering and more time treating patients

Dental practices will try several different products when they start out, but over-time they will start frequently ordering the same products. This is a natural process - as the dentist becomes familiar with different brands, they will also start building preferences and using products that they like more often.

That is why Dental Innovations Online Ordering Portal allows users to create a favorites list. The favorites list is a key feature that gives your practice the ability to save a list of your regularly used products. This can be edited and adjusted at any time.

The real benefit of the favorites list is that it saves your dental practice valuable time. By avoiding the frustrating process of constantly searching for the same products week after week, you can now just rely on your favorites list to make a quick repeat of your last order.

This feature drastically cuts down the time your practice spends on consumable ordering. Some practices have managed to even breeze through the process in just 5 to 10 minutes.

The less time your staff spend on ordering, directly translates into more time with patients.

Access to discounts on dental consumables and monthly specials

The most important part of consumable ordering. We know that independent dental practices need to be mindful of budgets and make sure that you are getting the best price possible on your consumable purchases.

As a Dental Innovations member, you will be getting up to 15-20% off market price on consumable purchases. There is no need to negotiate with supply companies as Dental Innovations has already completed the negotiating on your behalf.

By using our collective mass, (we currently have over 650 members across Australia and New Zealand) we have secured amazing discounts for our members through our group buying power; and these discounts are already in-built into our Online Ordering Portal. Plus, Dental Innovations is consistently working with our partner suppliers to run monthly specials on popular products so that our members can access even more savings on their favorite dental products.

If your practice is not getting the most out of its consumable ordering process, then you need to strongly consider where you can make changes. A Dental Innovation's membership may just be the perfect solution to your dilemma.

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