Dental Innovations Success Story #3

Success Stories

Dr AT has a busy and established practice in Queensland; he focuses on high-end, cosmetic and general dentistry. Before joining Dental Innovations, Dr AT's practice had 3 stock ordering nurses ordering supplies every day - a time consuming process that amounted to many hours each week.

Without a systemized ordering process in place, their stock regularly ran out. This had an amicable impact on patient appointments, often resulting in stress and frustration. Furthermore, their accountant indicated that practice profit was being adversely impacted by over ordering. Dr AT and his accountant had heard about Dental Innovations and wanted to see how we could help his practice systemise their ordering process and solve their dilemma.

When they joined Dental Innovations, they were given access to the online ordering system and received a stock analysis report which was included in their membership. This involved examining their invoices for dental consumables and matching them to lower priced products available from Dental Innovations’ suppliers. Their favorite products were also uploaded to the Dental Innovations online ordering system, enabling them to regularly make future orders faster.

As a result, their ordering process improved to a few minutes each week, not hours. We also helped them set a budget for their practice and applied the “practice manager approval” process so that each time a stock nurse placed an order, it would come to the dentist/practice manager first for checking and approval.

Within 12 months of joining Dental Innovations, they reduced their spending by $17,000, dramatically improving their profitability. They are now ordering only once a month and the process has become very streamlined, saving at least 8 hours a week of important staff time better used to treat patients.

Dr AT has also benefited from a range of other services like utilizing the peer to peer forums for new ideas and to keep abreast of happening within the dental industry. Dr AT's practice has evolved from a stressful, chaotic business to a systematic dental clinic by becoming a member of Dental Innovations.

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"I was one of the first members to join and have never looked back. The Dental Innovations Network gave me the tools, the discount and the network to succeed."
- Dr Sam Rodgers