Break The Isolation Barriers Of Private Practice

The Member Network
A core value we look to promote at the Dental Innovations Network is the concept of dentists working together to assist each other and share resources. We know that dentistry can at times be an isolating profession, that is why we have provided dentists numerous ways to interact with each other, share knowledge and break the isolation barriers of private practice.

Our independent practice members network through Dental Innovations via various channels. Our private peer-to-peer chat forum provides dentists with a professional medium to discuss everything from treatment advice, equipment purchasing and recommendations, to new trends in the industry and best practices. A recent popular thread and hot topic during the corona virus lock-down was the Jobkeeper stimulus package and how to best navigate the process in this period. Members on our chat network are very proactive and come from all walks of life – this includes long-time, established industry names as well as a new dentist just starting their own journey.

As a Dental Innovations member, you will have direct access to the wealth of knowledge that the top tier dental practices across both Australia and New Zealand are sharing.

We also connect our members to reputable industry experts who share their insights on our member-only webinars. Over the last couple of months, Dental Innovations has worked tirelessly to bring our dentists multiple webinars from a wide range of speakers. A total of eight webinars from six different speakers were provided for our members since March 2020. We brought in Dr. Michael Sernik to share his expertise on patient communication; Dr. Jesse Green from the Savvy Dentist provided Dental Innovations members with an effective recovery plan in his COVID strategy webinar and CPA accountant Albert Gigl broke down the Jobkeeper and other stimulus measures to our members in simple terms.

And the support network does not end there.

We were and still are actively hosting and attending multiple events where we engage with our members over a nice dinner. In 2019, Dental Innovations put on member dinners in the following cities: Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. Members were able to meet, introduce themselves and network with each other face to face. These events also included an expert speaker who prepared a value-packed presentation for our members during the dinner. We do our best to facilitate a warm, friendly environment at these events where members can take in valuable information, learn together and create new friendships with fellow members. As soon as the current situation stabilizes, we will look to put on more of these events in the future.

Moving forward, Dental Innovations will continue to put on new member webinars, look to host and attend events and listen to our members on our chat forum. Our ultimate goal is to create a community where all practice owners feel like they have an opportunity to engage, form connections and have their voice be heard. We feel that all independent practices can benefit from the support a network like ours offers.

As we continue to grow our membership base and provide our members with an avenue for sharing resources, we would like to remind all practice owners that the foundation principle we were built on still stands today – we are stronger together.

If you are an independent practice owner and would like to the value and support of our network, contact our Business Development Manager Khadija Awan on directly.