Is your ordering under control?

There is a reason this system is helping dentists for over a decade and we are continuously enhancing its features by member
Some of my top 10 features for the system are as follows:
1. Time: You can place an order under five minutes. Yes it can be done. All you have to do is select the products, add it to your basket and click send. The good thing is that you can place multiple orders at once and have access to exclusive pricing from our ten partner suppliers. In Australia these are Dentsply Sirona, Gunz, Dentavision, Ivoclar Vivadent, Erskine, Ark Health, Trolldental, SDI, Livingstone and Caredent. (In New Zealand our partners are Dentsply Sirona, Gunz, SDI, and Aluro).

2. Frequency: Most of our member’s order once a month which is ideal. However for practices who are ordering weekly or every other day we try and help them taper it down to ordering once a fortnight and eventually once a month. This saves on freight costs and time it takes to do the ordering.

3. Favourites: You can customise your favourites list and even setup multiple order lists to aid your ordering efficiency. You will save hours by not having to browse through extensive product catalogues.

4. Documentation: All your previous orders are archived safely in your order history feature. You can go back in time and see what was ordered previously. From our member feedback this has been an incredibly useful feature especially if they have a change in staff member. Your ordering history will always remain in place.

5. Accountability: You can set up a Practice Manager Approval process where you can have team members place the order but it comes to you for approval. You have an option to accept or reject the order. This makes ordering transparent and accountable. The budget and reports feature makes this portal a complete stock management system for your dental practice.

6. Order anyplace, anytime: Being a web based program, the program is easy to access and available to all computers with internet access, so orders can be progressively compiled and lodged at each user’s convenience even after hours.

7. One click product guide: With only a few clicks of a button you can browse through thousands of products and have product names, descriptions, images and packaging details and pricing right at your fingertips. Using the supplier’s product codes also reduces the incidence of human error.

8. Eliminate shopping around: The time spent shopping around to get the cheapest price possible creates a false economy for your practice. We have eliminated this process and already negotiated the 15-20% off market price for consumables.

9. Convenience: You can set up multiple users so that when the order is placed it shows exactly who placed the order. If you
have more than one practice you can also set up multiple online ordering accounts and assign users.

10. Simple: You don’t have to maintain a stock order book and can now go paperless for ordering. Once you receive an order you can check that it has been received and change the status of the product to being received for your records.

Dental Innovations online ordering system is innovative and creative since its inception. It has been designed to systemise
and improve efficiencies in ordering dental supplies for a practice whilst providing a one stop order facility with comprehensive
reporting capabilities, budgeting requirements, user access levels and all with ease of use and access for all levels of users.
There is a reason leading dental practices all over Australia and New Zealand use it every day.

It is easy; it is economical; it is efficient.
Many members thought they already had an ordering system in place but were surprised to discover what further savings could be achieved by making a phone call to us.

To give you an obligation
free tutorial for the system over the phone give me a call on 03 9821 4990 and I can show you first handed how beneficial it is for your practice. And for New Zealand practices contact Paul Steele on 021 912 476

It really is that simple.

Ordering dental consumables is the second largest expense at a dental practice. However, placing orders should not be time consuming and difficult.

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