Success Story 1

Dr AW is an experienced dentist with a well established practice in the suburbs. He approached Dental Innovations hoping to identify ways to reduce his consumables costs, which were spiralling out of control. One issue he identified was that his staff were unable to negotiate price discounts, and he was searching for a better, more cost effective way to order consumables.

Success Story 2

Dr AT has a busy and established practice has a practice in QLD, and does high end cosmetic and general dentistry. Before joining Dental Innovations, they had 3 stock ordering nurses and were ordering supplies every day, which was time consuming and amounted to many hours each week.

Success Story 3

Dr PR and Dr SP are two dentists in Victoria who decided to open their first dental clinic 5 years after graduation. Being new to the business of running a dental practice, and wanting to avoid the common pitfalls new practice owners face, they enlisted help from the Dental Innovations team.